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Sam A. Lavorato Sr.

Sam A. Lavorato Sr.

Sam A. Lavorato Sr. has been practicing law since 1965. Mr. Lavorato is one of the most experienced lawyers in Monterey County. He is a pillar in the legal community and has been involved with cases that have created new law that the rest of California now follows. He was born in Salinas on August 1, 1936. Mr. Lavorato attended the first class at Palma High School and graduated with the first graduating class. He attended the University of Santa Clara where he received his B.S. in 1959 and L.L.B. in 1963. He was admitted to the California State bar in 1965 and served with distinction as Deputy District Attorney of Monterey County from 1965 to1969. He has practiced law for over 40 years and still is as energetic and passionate as he was on his first day as an attorney. However, now he possess decades of experience and knowledge when he advises his clients. He continues to work 6 days a week to ensure the best representation possible for his clients.

Sam A. Lavorato Sr. emphasizes in Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Divorce, and Child Custody cases. He has an undying work ethic and he devotes himself to the representation of his clients. Mr. Lavorato possesses the talent and skills, both inside and outside of the courtroom, to ensure the best results possible for his clients. He has the experience and foresight to discuss a case with a client and turn a very difficult situation into a successful result.

Sam Lavorato has the experience to sit down with a prospective client and in less than 60 minutes, evaluate the client's case, understand the person’s ultimate goals, and offer advice on how to achieve those goals. That includes determining how to ensure a person who has been injured should be compensated, how to defend a person accused of a crime, or how a person should proceed with a divorce or a custody issue.

R. Christian Scott

R. Christian Scott

R. Christian Scott is a 4th generation attorney in Monterey County. His great grandfather, Russell Walter Scott, born 10-28-1895, was the District Attorney of Monterey County in the 1930’s and Salinas City Attorney for over two decades afterwards. His grandfather, Lionel Burr Scott, born 12-1-1918, also was the District Attorney of Monterey County in the 1950’s. Russell Walter Scott and Lionel Burr Scott, also engaged in a private practice together as a father-son team. Christian Scott's father, Russell Douglas Scott, born 10-4-1952, was a Deputy District Attorney in Monterey County and is currently a Monterey County Superior Court Judge. Russell Christian Scott, born on his great grandfather’s birthday, October 28, chose to pursue a long standing passion of the family, the study and practice of law.

Christian Scott handles divorce, family law, child custody, criminal defense, and personal injury matters. His thoughtful approach combines the drive of a seasoned courtroom litigator with the necessary discipline for thorough preparation. He understands how others will perceive facts and is able to present evidence in a commonsense manner that is very persuasive to his client’s position. It's a talent that has ensured the successful results that his clients receive.

Christian feels the key to representing clients effectively is listening to them and understanding what outcome they are ultimately hoping to achieve.

Recently, Christian Scott was involved in a custody case where his client came to him in dire need of help. His client had given birth to her child 20 days prior to the first consult. At the time, the infant was in the custody of the 20-year old father after he accused the mother of domestic violence, for which she was arrested. Father had obtained temporary custody orders over the child in the meantime and was requesting permanent physical custody. Within 2 days, Christian Scott was able to get court orders placing the child back with the mother and supervised visitation to the father. Christian Scott soon thereafter took the criminal case to a 5-day Jury Trial on behalf of his client and achieved a unanimous “Not Guilty” verdict vindicating his client’s rights. Subsequent to that jury trial, Christian Scott obtained permanent orders granting mother sole legal and sole physical custody of her child.

The firm's attorneys have a track record of success because they rely on proven strategies to achieve results.

Christian Scott attended Palma High School in Salinas California. He then attended the University of Santa Barbara where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Law and Society. Immediately thereafter, he attended Monterey College of Law, his father's alma mater. During his time at Monterey College of Law, he interned for the Monterey County District Attorney’s office where he gained key trial skills that laid the foundation for his courtroom success today.

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